WebVR Starter Kit

An journey through outer space to learn A-frame, a popular WebVR framework. Includes 5 different planetariums teaching key coding and A-frame concepts. I wrote the code and educational content in the code comments and Readmes. I produced, wrote, and acted in videos accompanying each project.

Mythbusters Jr.

I created a variety of HTML 5 games (Phaser) to promote the show and get kids interested in coding.

GatsbyJS Docs (2018)

I contribute to GatsbyJS documentation. GatsbyJS is a very fast React.js based static site generator. This site and many of my other sites were built on it. I use its GraphQL and CSS Modules capabilities extensively as well.

My Pet Jumping Spider (2018)

This is a personal passion project of mine. For a long time I had a git repositiory with info on keeping pet jumping spiders. People who weren't technical had trouble accessing it so I made it into a GatsbyJS site. It is not the prettiest site (I used ReactStrap, a React implementation of Bootstrap), but users tell me it is very useful. It's also a playground I use for testing GatsbyJS docs I write.

The American Medical Association

Most of the work I did here was in operations: writing stories in Jira, implementing Test Driven Development and continuous integration. I think this is where my background on both the front and back end was really put to work!

Cook County

This was a challenging Drupal 7 project where I did a lot of the front end architecture.

Equivoice (2011-2014)

I was a project manager for this Telecom company. It was great to get a view of this part of the stack. I became VMWare Data Center Virtualization Certified and also was the Project Manager for getting the company its Cisco Master Cloud Builder Specialization. I decided to go back into software because I felt a technical background would make me a better PM and software was the best place for me to get that. I wanted to improve my technical strengths so if I did want to become a software PM I would have a strong grasp of what producing applications is like.

Columbia University (2010-2011)

I did A LOT of department websites here in Drupal 6. Some of them were still up as late as 2016. They weren't the most flashy or exciting sites, but they taught me a lot about building effective websites.

Others (Pre 2010)

I've been making websites as a hobby since 2000, so I've made A LOT of websites. I probably don't remember all of them. The first professional one was for The Sustainable Agriculture & Agroecology Program at the University of Illinois. I've always been into pixel art. Here are a few I dug up: